Industrial Insulation Standard



CINI was established in the late eighties to meet the need for minimum quality standards for insulation in de process industry and to prevent corrosion. International companies such as Shell, DSM, DOW, Akzo Nobel and the former Hoogovens (now Tata Steel) jointly set up the Committee INdustrial Insulation (CINI), to which the Dutch Insulation Association,  VIB,  became affiliated. Apparently there was a huge need for insulation quality standards.


The CINI organisation contains some 10 working groups (committees) with experts in the subject field. All committees consist of members of principals (asset holders), insulation contractors and consultants.

The technical coordinator is chairman of these committees. Depending on developments in the field, the working groups are called together to review or discuss specific topics. The results from all working groups are collected in the annual updates. All recommendations are scrutinized by the Revision Committee, which is directly linked to the board. The technical coordinator is responsible for editing the annual update.

The CINI Manual is updated on an annual basis. State of the art and proven techniques are the main focal points and, in that perspective, comments of users from the field will be taken into account. The practical experience, the knowhow and the quality of the CINI Manual has a proven track record all over the world.