Industrial Insulation Standard

About CINI

CINI is the acronym of Committee INdustrial Insulation Standards. The CINI Foundation was established in the late eighties and has since evolved to become the institute for standardization of thermal insulation for the (petro)chemical and process industry, the power and food industry, etc. CINI has an extensive network of relations in the industry, insulation contractors, material suppliers, consultancies, branch organisations and educational and training institutes. There are also contacts with governmental agencies such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

CINI has compiled all insulation practices and knowhow in the CINI Manual, through the working groups with experts from across the industrial insulation discipline.
The latest version of the CINI Manual can be ordered through this website.

To propagate the practices and knowhow of industrial insulation NCTI conducts a 2 days course on technical insulation. This course is specially designed for asset owners, principals, supervisors, inspectors, design and maintenance engineers, facility managers, etc.
For the next 2-days course schedule check the NCTI website.

The Dutch Insulation Association, VIB, is one of the founders of NCTI (Netherlands Centre for Technical Insulation). NCTI is the official designated party for the delivery of a complete package of CINI services in the field of industrial insulation knowledge.