Industrial Insulation Standard


The objective of the CINI Foundation is to promote professional and directed implementation of insulation activities, on an economical basis.
CINI brings together the knowhow and expertise of industrial companies, insulation contractors, suppliers and consultants. This enables CINI to provide its contacts with the most appropriate information about optimal technical, economical, safe and durable implementation of insulation works in industries.

The target group consists of specialists of companies that provide jobs for insulation work in new construction or maintenance, insulation contractors, engineering offices and equipment suppliers, governmental and educational institutions.

CINI achieves its objective by:

  • managing and maintaining the international insulation standard 
  • publishing the CINI Manual
  • bringing together specialists in the field of thermal insulation
  • surveying the market and new developments
  • preparation of specifications of insulation materials and systems
  • publishing in journals (including NL Insulation Magazine)
  • substantive contributions to seminars & conferences
  • educational support