Industrial Insulation Standard

CINI manual

The CINI Manual is a reference book intended for anyone professionally involved in industrial insulation. The CINI Manual is a standard for insulation companies, industrial companies, their staff and consultants to achieve optimal quality of insulation systems. The official title of the manual is “Insulation for Industries".
CINI is responsible for the compilation and content of this manual. Because of the worldwide application, the CINI Manual is available in Dutch and English.
The CINI Manual is updated on an annually basis, to include the latest developments and to maintain it as the state-of-the-art standard.

Minimum requirements

The CINI Manual provides the minimum requirements to achieve optimal insulation by a correct design and application of insulation systems, listing several materials and the associated installation and finishing instructions. The CINI Manual deals with hot, cold and cryogenic insulation systems on pipelines and fittings, equipment and storage tanks.All applicable materials are specified into detail, such as the composition of the materials, health and environmental issues and mechanical and chemical characteristics.
The information in the CINI Manual is updated on an annual basis and adapted to the new developments in the market. The manual is used as a basis for compiling a qualitative reliable insulation specification.

Sketches and calculations

More than 200 sketches provide details for insulation and finishing of pipelines, fittings, supports, columns, vessels, heat exchangers, tanks etc. In both hot, cold and cryogenic services. Also acoustic insulation is included.
The CINICALC calculation tool, for determining required insulation thickness and energy saving is going to be launched in June 2015.

Quick and easy

The CINI Manual is a very easy tool. Due to practical selection diagrams, the user is able to quickly select the appropriate insulation materials as well as the correct finishing material.
All material specifications have the same structure, with easy to find information. The sketches are inter-linked with cross-references to other sketches or chapters.