Industrial Insulation Standard


Cinicalc is the independent calculation tool that is available through CINI. The following can be calculated:

- Economic insulation thickness;
- Energy loss of non-insulated systems;
- Energy loss of insulated systems;
- Temperature changes in flowing or stagnant product systems.

When calculating the energy loss the tool also calculates the quantity of CO2 emission.
The economic insulation thickness calculations include the cost of insulation materials and application, the maintenance cost and the cost of 'energy loss' through the insulation system. These costs are project related and shall be filled out by the user, taking into account the local conditions.


Cinicalc is an independent calculation tool. There is no preference for insulation material brands or manufacturers. The insulation materials can be selected by the users from the CINI specifications (2015) or the company specifications; the thermal conductivity of these materials shall be tested in accordance with EN 12667. For this purpose, the calculation tool has a database with the most current insulation materials. Other insulation materials can be added to the database as well, including their material properties.

Stable and reliable

The calculation tool is on the market from 2008 on and it is tested by leading industrial companies such as Total Refinery France and major contractors such as Prezioso and Elit. Engineering offices and distributors are making use successfully of this calculation tool for many years. Annually, the calculation tool is being improved and expanded. Customer requirements and market developments are determinative for the annual update. This results in the benefits of Cinicalc, being software that is stable, reliable and up-to-date. The program guides you through the input data with explanatory texts; a digital help file is included.
Questions can be asked via e-mail and subscribers get an reply within one day.
All Cinicalc calculations are based on the international standards, i.e. ISO 12241 for the calculation of the insulation thickness and ISO 23993 for the conversion factor. To determine the temperature drop by convection, both the ISO standard and VDI can be selected.

Cinicalc can display insulation material properties, such as thermal conductivity, in graphs. The insulation thicknesses can be displayed in tables, with the relation between pipe diameter and process temperature. This offers a tool to select the insulation thickness for a project very easily.
The calculation tool software can be installed on a PC or laptop. Access via Internet is expected to be possible in 2016.