Industrial Insulation Standard

Table of contents

CINI 3.1.00 | 2012-10-01
Aluminium sheet / bands3.1.01
Aluminized steel sheet Type 2 & Type 13.1.02
Aluzinc steel sheet3.1.03
Continuous hot dip (Sendzimir) galvanized steel sheet3.1.04
Stainless steel sheet3.1.05
Weather resistant ethylvinyl acetate-based mastic 3.2.01
Weather resistant latex based, vapour barrier mastic 3.2.02
Weather resistant elastomer based vapour barrier mastic 3.2.03
Weather resistant bitumen based vapour barrier / cell filler mastic3.2.04
Contact adhesive3.2.05
2-Component adhesive3.2.06
Vapour stop sealer3.2.08
Vapour stop 2-component sealer 3.2.09
Weather resistant UV-curing glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) 3.2.11
Vapour barrier mastic for CG, polymer based3.2.12
Flexible elastomeric membrane3.2.13
Aluminium tape3.3.01
Bitumen tape3.3.02
Petrolatum tape3.3.04
Vinyl tape / foil3.3.05
Butyl rubber tape /foil3.3.06
Vapour barrier multiplex foil of aluminium / polyester 3.3.10
Vapour bar

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