Industrial Insulation Standard

Relation between process temperatures and corrosion under insulation

CINI 1.2.04 | 2016-01-01

In practice it appears that moisture can penetrate into insulation systems. As a result insulated equipment and piping can be attacked by corrosion under insulation. The process temperature is a major actor; especially in the temperature range between -5°C and +175°C (23°F and +350°F) or with cyclic process temperatures between -20°C and 320°C (-4°F and +608°F) the risk of corrosion is substantial. 

In the diagram and table below the categories of possible risk of Corrosion Under Insulation in relation to process temperatures are indicated. It clearly shows that in the temperature range of 50°C and 175°C (120°F – 350°F) the corrosion rate and consequently the risk is high.

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