Industrial Insulation Standard

Quality Control of Insulation Systems

CINI 1.3.05 | 2009-10-02

The quality of insulation systems depends on a perfect application; i.e. strict adherence to  specifications and stringent supervision throughout the execution of insulation jobs. The result will be reflected in the level of maintenance expenditure in the subsequent years.
Most of the insulation has to be installed at the end of a project in a relatively short time and with a large workforce. That is the same for new construction projects as well as in maintenance conditions. Since insulation works consist of several successive steps, close supervision is required during that period to achieve a good quality insulation.   
Before and during the construction phase of an insulation project an adequate control system shall be prepared and adhered to. To ensure the quality requirements, stated in the specifications,  are achieved, a number of measures should be taken, such as:

The insulation contractor sha

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