Industrial Insulation Standard

Thermal Insulation Calculations

CINI 6.1.01 | 2007-10-01

In the market several computer programs are available to perform heat transfer calculations to determine the insulation thickness. The insulation manufacturer, the contractor and client, they all have their own software. However, these programs are not always applicable for all types of insulation material and sometimes could give different results.
For all calculation methods ISO 12241 shall be the basis, in which the several insulation systems, the formulas and factors are given.

With a calculation program the required insulation thickness for the full range of operating temperatures can be calculated, for all line pipe diameters and flat walls. The results are mostly presented in a table.
The calculated results contain not only the required insulation thickness, but also intermediate results, such as the heat loss, the thermal conductivity, emission etc. can often be shown.

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